In 2002, we opened a brand new studio centre built to serve the new Worcestershire Royal hospital. We specified what we wanted and the hospital authorities and Alice Soundtech did the rest. It looks as good today as it has always been…

We have a single on-air studio, at the heart of which we have an Alice mixer desk with a computerised playout system from Soundbox which handles our large music library along with CD players, MP3 player, satellite receiver and AM/FM tuner. We can take phone calls directly on-air from our outside line as well as from the patients free of charge via the Hospedia bedside system.

None of this would be worthwhile if our output did not get beyond our front door. The link between us and the patients is provided by Hospedia. Once the signal gets to the hospital itself, they are responsible for delivering a clear audible sound to the patients and they maintain the patient’s sound system, hand and headset.

The details…

for those of you interested in knowing more about what equipment and suppliers we used, below is a list of the main ones and why we chose them:

Station magazine – Smile!

Any station needs as much publicity as it can get and we put our in-house magazine in the hands of Smile Publications in Essex.

They fill all the advertising space, include our own articles and pictures, produce the whole magazine for distribution on the wards and top it off by giving us a donation!

Smile Publishing’s details are as follows:

Volunteer House
224 New London Road

Telephone: 01245 600860
Fax: 01245 600888

The current edition of our magazine is available from the Stop Press! page

Jingle Package – Devaweb

We were unsure where to go for our new jingle package but were very impressed with the demos from Devaweb and took the plunge (or rather, dipped our toes tentatively in the water!).

The results genuinely stunned us. The care and attention and sheer quantity of what was provided was superb and this has already led to more orders from both presenters and the station itself

Some example of our jingles are available to listen to by using the links below:

Jingle 1

Jingle 2

Jingle 3


Studio equipment – Alice

We had long been users of Alice’s broadcast equipment, as you can see from photos of our previous studios.

Alice’s range continues to impress and we were more than happy to continue our relationship with them

They were given the brief to come up with a complete studio, including all equipment, following our specification and the results speak for themselves.

Playout system – Soundbox

Having looked at what was on the market for what is, in fact, a pretty small scale radio station with limited requirements, we opted for Soundbox’s beautifully simple system, allowing both beginners and experienced people alike to put together professional-sounding programmes with as little effort as possible.