Seth Bye and Sam Baldwin

By | 24/06/2018

Seth Bye and Sam Baldwin are two members of the four-piece band Gathering Tides, which itself it made up from members of the much larger Conservatoire Folk Ensemble in Birmingham.

Seth and Sam came down to the studio for an hour-long chat and live session with Pete Phillips in which they described how they go about creating this folk-fusion of many different styles of music and played some of their favourite tunes, including their current single Fire on The Mountain

The audio features the entire session including the recorded and live versions of their single plus a track on which they play from the the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble entitled “Tek Bir Gunesin Altinda Yuruyoruz” or, in English, “We march under one sun”

The video features three live tracks (download the AVI file and play it in Windows Media Player)

Both are available here:!AnYvnw_N-Vx_gSPoIQLuYquH54MX

For more information on the band (and for a free copy of their single!), click here: