Life in the former Worcester Royal Infirmary

For more than two decades, Choice broadcast as Worcester Hospital Radio. During the time, we had 3 different studio locations, all at Newtown Hospital.

The last of these was in the old Chapel.

Prior to that, we had a studio complex in the Newtown Management Block

And we started life in “the hut on the green” at Newtown…

Life in the new Worcestershire Royal Hospital

On air as Choice… Radio for the Worcestershire Royal in September 2002

After a few hair-raising problems getting everything connected up to the hospital’s Patientline system, we recommenced broadcasting on Friday 27th September and have been going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since… and it’s great to be back!

Our official opening took place place on Friday November 1st with an “open weekend” on Saturday and Sunday to get our name back into circulation again as the best station to listen to whilst in the new Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

The “Richard Young Centre” which houses the studio complex is named after our former President and Richard Young’s widow, Sally, performed the naming ceremony, with Peter Tomlinson, the M.D. of Saga 105.7FM cutting the ribbon to officially open the studio centre.

Other guests included the Mayor of Worcester, Robert Rowden, our M.P., Michael Foster and the President of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, June Snowden, with representatives from many local organisations and media, as well, of course, as our own members.

The Worcestershire Royal Hospital – a new hospital for the county

Opened in March 2002

What it looked like earlier in 2001     …and now