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Here are the live music and chat sessions we have had with guests in the studio this year

2018 - Worcester Ukulele Club

Nine members of this ever-growing club joined Pete Phillips in the studio for a live session of a shed load of songs from the hundreds which they can play for audiences.
There was plenty of chat between the songs as each member explained how they got involved in the group.
Money raised during the shows is donated to charity and this year the lucky recipients are Worcester Headway. But there are also plans afoot to do something special again this year for Children In Need...

You can get more information about the Club, which meets on Mondays at the Fownes Hotel, and its gig calendar here:

Click here to hear the session, which starts with a song from their album, Five Years On

Click here to see the video of the club playing some of their tunes (.avi format - download it to view)



This page was last updated on Tuesday, 27 February 2018